First Post: Be All There

As a result of my involuntary caffeine-induced insomnia, I’ve decided at 2am to begin a blog chronicling my thoughts, adventures, musings and journey towards being fully present in every day and living with a greater purpose in mind. I saw this quote a couple months ago, and it has completely altered my perception towards life:


I realized this is just another rendition of the “Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” Bible verse, but for some reason this particular wording really stuck with me. Jim Elliot was a missionary to the Auca Indians in the mid-1900s who ministered to them and showered love and good deeds on them, only to be killed by them shortly after. If anyone was “all there,” it was certainly him!

I’ve tried to apply this to daily life, living to the fullest wherever I am and whatever I happen to be doing at the moment. Homework? Give it my all. (actually, I need to work at that in particular…New Year’s resolution!) In class? Pay full attention and get the most out of it. Doing sometime with the fam? Enjoy it, find the good in it, and make them happy to be with you. Brushing your teeth? Get them squeaky clean!

This mindset, of being “all there,” has totally changed my outlook on life. I no longer look at life so much as a force that I can control but one that God orchestrates and I can choose how I react to events and learn from them. I’m trying to be present in whatever goes on and refocus my priorities to spend time on what really matters. It’s definitely a work in progress, and I’m still forming into beautiful.

All right, the caffeine is finally wearing off, so goodbye, and I welcome any comments/thoughts/ideas/arguments if you’ve stuck with me thus far!

xo Tia ❤


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